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Types Of Mobility Scooters & Powerchairs Available

Mobility Scooters basically come in three sizes.

Small: These scooters normally take apart easily to fit in the boot of your car. Maximum speed is 4mph, batteries range from 9 amp up to 22 amp. Motors range accordingly.

Medium: These scooters are day to day use pavement option scooters (not usually road option) with a maximum speed of normally 4 mph but there are a few 6 mph which can go on the road.

Large: These scooters have bigger motors, bigger batteries and are 8 mph road legal scooters, although they can be driven at lower speed on the pavement. They provide you with further mileage, more comfort and have bigger weight carrying capacity.

Please take a few minutes of your time to browse at just a small selection of new scooters we have in stock. We also have some pre-owned models not shown on these pages.

What our customers say

"Thanks Paul. He certainly knows what he's talking about. Put me right on a number of things I didn't realise I've been doing wrong all these years. Why has no one ever been this thorough with me before. Excellent service. 5 star."

Paul of Barnsley